Sunday, 19 June 2011

Edition Launch Party

I've come back to Leicester for the summer, this was my attempt at packing.
On friday me and Beaver got fucked he told me to go Sparr and get us some beer, I came out with this by accident 0% beer.

Last night it was the Edition skateboards launch party, Oscar had a load of photos up.

Neil 'Razor' Ruddock made it all the way from the squad of Liverpool '99

There was all these paintings about, I walked into this guys tongue so many times.

John was beating everyone at pool until Emma stepped up and whooped his lillyass.

Some kid had a SK8MAFIA Ron Burgundy board

JB didn't believe me that there was a cow on the internet that had been hit by a train and didn't have a head.

CJ was there fuckin bitches an shit.

John and Mike played this game called drinking Smirnoff Ice's 

Me and Shaz was straight regulatin'

I got Shaz hella hyped that I brought him a beer when it was actually one of them 0% fuckers.

Jake blew the fuck up.

Jake pissed in his brother's bed after they had a fight on friday, he has no remorse.

Told ya.

I picked a raffle ticket off the floor and ended up winning a deck, Mike won a bottle of wine. Somehow.

Shumba just went raggo and grabbed the mic

Every white guy there realised how hiphop they actually were.

Its JB's last day ever, tell everyone.

I threw the board I won and it hit Shaz in the chin. Not on purpose.
This is a photo to prove that we are still friends.

Fuckin shit up.

Makkie was going mental getting his hair out, he smashed up two DVD players when he got home.

It was 'The Ledge go skateboarding day two days early thing', I didn't take any photos but Stef did this.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dwayne's Degree Show

Dwayne has graduated and his degree show was the other day.
Black Power?

 Sam and Dwayne helping your boy The Game get crunk
 This was one of Dwayne's pieces, I felt it fitted me well.
 The one and only Beaver came down for the show.
 Mister Tslazes was there
 Ben and Kyle got on the totally gay seesaw, was cool.
 This kid was killing it! DOUBLE MALL GRAB!
 The main man
 This girl's piece was a mold of her vagina made into chrome.
 As you can see, I was totally not scared of it.
 Clark came down too, he was drunk as hell at the show trying to drink litres of red bull.
 Beth was there not wearing a bra and being hot an shit.
 Josh kept taking photos of some dude who was sunburnt and asleep on the tube. Twat.
 We went to some place in Brixton called The Hooternanny, it was reggae night and full of white people dancing without a care in the world.
 Dwayne was smoking loads I think it was just to look steeze in front of all the Rasta's
 Joe was fucked and told us a story about killing a Squirrel the size of a Racoon for about half an hour.

 In other news Jin did this really big ollie at Southbank.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Sam and Dwayne were wearing the same top at sb, its not that exciting but Dwayne has to feature in every post possible

Me and Sam went to the new bowl at Stoke Newington, we were told to go through a grave yard. Turned out this wasn't the one

Coulda died.

The little kid in the bowl had thigh heigh converse on while he was skating. Also his dad was the gnarliest skate dad to date.

It was Charlie's last night out in London as he was moving back to yank land. Me and Sam lost our renegade virginity as a goodbye present to Charlie

I totally fucked the first one I did up thinking my thumb wasn't gonna make a whole and ruined Charlie's flat

At first Sam could only make a really small hole that beer sprayed out of.

He had to punch it to make the hole, had to put his top in the microwave before we went out

I cleaned up all the beer I left on Chuckles floor

We went to an O'neils and had to pay in. It was some bullshit. Ben pulls this face in most pictures taken of him, I wish Josh would pull this face more often

Another classic Rowles face

Josh was comping mans

Charlie was totally fucked by the end of the night, peace out Chuckles