Thursday, 28 April 2011

Buy everything Dre wants you to.

Callum can do this with his face beard.

Now that Shaz has turned 18 he has given up on any other beverage. Its downhill from here

you can get fivers out at Quay now. I like fivers better than other notes they're green an shit

If you go to Quay you can also see John Burke, two birds one stone

Shaz got a brand new board from Ledge and snapped it down the two that day, definition sucking the man's dick

There was a bbq on vicky park. You know I was eating street steak

Hari is a double cheese man. you don't get his girth without being a double cheese man.

It was his birthday later that night, I brought him an shot called A&E. By the looks of his face it does what it says on the tin. I woke up on my bathroom floor in the morning and I didn't have one.

They were filming a 'hip hop' video at vicky the next day. Me and Beaver sold out instantly agreeing to skate in the background for them.

They took ages until they wanted to film us, Beaver was getting all impatient as any new soap star superstar would

I passed the time by throwing gang signs at all the rappers. CRIP KILLA

Went to stoke yesterday and did nothing but pure earth shattering hammers

Found some Boobee juice in the shop, doesn't look as appealing as usual

some clips from the week

Dr. Dre is selling laptops on tv now, i've already ordered mine. You gonna say no to him?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The last few days.

Just got a camera, this is what we did.

Dwayne got all Heston on our asses

Clark's cat was standing like a human like it weren't no thing

Shaz drove us to Loughborough

Sam brought his limited edition Thrasher Cool Bag

Then got well Tiltmode

Next day was the boys at vicky

Sam got the world record or some shit

D Real filmed a YO line for the mans

Dwayne didn't

I had an ice cream ey, don't live with my parents no rules anymore

We tried this beer. life changer?

Callun on tumblr at a skate spot, steez.

It was Shaz's birthday. He became way more of a man than anyone could imagine

Joey Essex even made it, who knew?

He wasn't looking as fresh later on

Rowan's Parents made it

Look how ginger that girl is!

Adam had a 3 way, he's tall enough to have one now

NWA made an appearance to

Happy Birthday mother fucker