Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dwayne's Degree Show

Dwayne has graduated and his degree show was the other day.
Black Power?

 Sam and Dwayne helping your boy The Game get crunk
 This was one of Dwayne's pieces, I felt it fitted me well.
 The one and only Beaver came down for the show.
 Mister Tslazes was there
 Ben and Kyle got on the totally gay seesaw, was cool.
 This kid was killing it! DOUBLE MALL GRAB!
 The main man
 This girl's piece was a mold of her vagina made into chrome.
 As you can see, I was totally not scared of it.
 Clark came down too, he was drunk as hell at the show trying to drink litres of red bull.
 Beth was there not wearing a bra and being hot an shit.
 Josh kept taking photos of some dude who was sunburnt and asleep on the tube. Twat.
 We went to some place in Brixton called The Hooternanny, it was reggae night and full of white people dancing without a care in the world.
 Dwayne was smoking loads I think it was just to look steeze in front of all the Rasta's
 Joe was fucked and told us a story about killing a Squirrel the size of a Racoon for about half an hour.

 In other news Jin did this really big ollie at Southbank.

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