Sunday, 19 June 2011

Edition Launch Party

I've come back to Leicester for the summer, this was my attempt at packing.
On friday me and Beaver got fucked he told me to go Sparr and get us some beer, I came out with this by accident 0% beer.

Last night it was the Edition skateboards launch party, Oscar had a load of photos up.

Neil 'Razor' Ruddock made it all the way from the squad of Liverpool '99

There was all these paintings about, I walked into this guys tongue so many times.

John was beating everyone at pool until Emma stepped up and whooped his lillyass.

Some kid had a SK8MAFIA Ron Burgundy board

JB didn't believe me that there was a cow on the internet that had been hit by a train and didn't have a head.

CJ was there fuckin bitches an shit.

John and Mike played this game called drinking Smirnoff Ice's 

Me and Shaz was straight regulatin'

I got Shaz hella hyped that I brought him a beer when it was actually one of them 0% fuckers.

Jake blew the fuck up.

Jake pissed in his brother's bed after they had a fight on friday, he has no remorse.

Told ya.

I picked a raffle ticket off the floor and ended up winning a deck, Mike won a bottle of wine. Somehow.

Shumba just went raggo and grabbed the mic

Every white guy there realised how hiphop they actually were.

Its JB's last day ever, tell everyone.

I threw the board I won and it hit Shaz in the chin. Not on purpose.
This is a photo to prove that we are still friends.

Fuckin shit up.

Makkie was going mental getting his hair out, he smashed up two DVD players when he got home.

It was 'The Ledge go skateboarding day two days early thing', I didn't take any photos but Stef did this.

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